12 Common Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people and extend your social network. Whether you’re looking for the great love of your life, or just some relaxed new relationships to share time with, you can find a lot of great people online.

Life moves at such a fast pace today that we often really only see friends we already know and people we work with on a regular basis. So online dating profiles can be the best way to meet other people with the same interests. But, just like real life, it’s sometimes hard to tell how you’re coming off to others. It’s really easy to wind up shooting yourself in the foot by how you build your profile or interact with people you meet online.

Check out our top 12 list of mistakes to avoid when dating online to make sure you’re not limiting your chances of meeting some fantastic people.

1) How old is that photo?

Most of us don’t love the way we look in pictures. When we take one we really like, it can be tempting to keep using the same one, even if it’s getting a little outdated. If any of the photos on your dating profile are more than a few years old you need to pull them down and replace them.

First of all, you have to remember that your pictures are the first impression people will get of you. If they see a lot of photos that are obviously a little older, they’re going to wonder if there’s something you’re hiding. Second, is there something you’re hiding? Most people that use old photos are doing so because they don’t like the way they currently look, or think they looked better before. While the most attractive photos might get the most attention online, they’ll hurt you in the long run if they’re not accurate to who you actually are. If you’ve gained 50 pounds, lost hair, or gained crow’s feet your date is going to notice that when they do meet you in person. While looks should not be the primary thing that attracts them to you, you can’t really blame them for being turned off if your profile picture is grossly inaccurate. While you might think that makes the other person shallow, the message they’re getting is that you’re dishonest.

Of course you want to show yourself in the best light possible. Just remember that it has to be a light based in current reality.

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