12 Ways to Win Back Your Ex’s Heart

 Photo credit:  / Depositphotos

Photo credit: / Depositphotos

There are few things worse in life than a relationship ending and still having feeling for your ex. Breakups can often happen in the heat of the moment and things can end before either person knows what happened.

Whether it’s been 7 hours or 7 years it can be easy to hold on to feeling for that person and you may find yourself feeling like it’s a good idea to give the relationship another try. But where do you start?

If you feel like you are still in love with your ex after a breakup, it may be time to start thinking of how you can get them back. Follow our 12 expert tips on winning your ex back and giving your love a second chance.

1) Cool Off

If this is a recent breakup the best thing you can do before you approach your ex with the idea of reconciliation is to give you both time to cool off and collect your thoughts. If you try to get in contact with them too quickly it may show that you haven’t given things enough thought and are simply reacting instead of approaching the situation like a rational adult.

This will also give you both an opportunity to fill the void left by not having the other person in your life.

Even if your breakup was a nasty one, chances are that you ex will begin to miss you in their life within a few days or weeks of the breakup. A good, long cool down period will also give you a chance to see things more clearly and decide on whether a second chance at the relationship is something that you really want to pursue.

During this time it may help you to spend time with close friends and family members, go on a road trip, or take up a meditative practice like yoga or keeping a journal to get your head straight.

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