15 Reasons Why People Won’t Date In Their Own Age Range

 Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

For many of us the attraction to people outside of our own age group can start during puberty and easily continue well into adulthood. It can be hard to relate to the opposite sex in general but even harder to do so when you feel as if you are on a different level than those in your age group.

We all have different preferences in dating styles and types of people that we are attracted to but these 15 most common reasons why people choose to date outside of their own age group may help explain why this trend isn’t going to change anytime soon.

1) They Have Their Own Life

You’re busy, they’re busy and when you get together it’s because you really want to spend time together. Most of the time when you date outside of your age range, whether it’s someone older or younger, chances are that you each have your own goals and things to accomplish separately.

You each have the space and time to pursue your hobbies and interests without upsetting the other person and creating a sense of jealousy or lack of interest in the other person. This also allows for much more quality time to be spent with one another. Because each person is often busy doing their own thing, when you make time for each other it is because you really want to be around that person and not out of boredom.

There is also less of a chance that the 2 of you will end up in a co-dependent cycle because you just don’t have time for something like that and you really wouldn’t have that much to say or do in that situation. Instead you keep most things in your life separate and always have plenty to talk about and update each other on.

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