Need Privacy? You Can Rent A “Hook-up Truck” Now

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Have a partner but no place for an intimate encounter? Maybe you don’t have any privacy because of a roommate, children, or parents. Conceptual artist Spy Emerson has the answer. She came up with the idea of and created the Hook-up Truck™ for those in the San Francisco area.

Emerson calls it “a modern dating solution for safe sexual adventuring.” What exactly is the Hook-up Truck? It’s a vehicle that has everything a couple needs for a safe, comfortable, and most importantly private sexual encounter. The Hook-up Truck looks like a standard delivery truck on the outside.  But there’s a special chamber hidden inside behind boxes. That chamber has a little furniture, mood lighting, temperature control and complimentary condoms.

For exhibitionists and the more sexually adventurous, there’s even a “camera-ready” option. Are you interested in using the Hook-up Truck? If so, it’s available for “immediate dispatch” when using your favorite mobile dating app. Emerson or one of her associates drops it off at a pre-arranged parking spot for the customer’s use. A half hour rental costs $75. You can also pre-book the Hook-up Truck for special events, such as weddings and parties.  A five-hour party rental package is $2,500. With it, you get staff and crew. According to Emerson, the idea of a having a sexual encounter in the truck is appealing to a wide variety of people.

She says, “Lots of requests are coming in, and a great variety of people from single moms and people with roommates who have no privacy, to business people in the financial district who need the truck on their lunch break, and of course, the more kinky folks who are into the adventuring of it.”

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