Top 15 Places in Florida to Meet Wealthy Men

Photo credit:  Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Florida may be the land of retirees, but it also boasts legions of wealthy men, many of whom are on the hunt for pretty ladies to spoil. Whether you’re looking for a short-term sugar daddy or true love with a man capable of supporting your future family, you’ll have no trouble finding it in one of these distinctive Florida communities:

15) Naples

Naples is widely recognized as one of the wealthiest cities, not only in Florida, but in the entire United States. The city boasts the 6th highest per capita income in America, making it a prime location for finding a wealthy man. Chances are, when you find your lucky guy, he’ll possess some very valuable real estate; it is in no way unusual for residents of Naples to own homes valued at several million dollars. Of course, given the cost of these residences, finding your own affordable home or apartment can be challenging. You may be forced to seek an apartment in Bonita Springs, which, while still relatively affluent, is nowhere near as wealthy as Naples.

While in Naples, you’ll find single, rich men everywhere you turn. Many of these guys spend the vast majority of their spare time at Naples’ numerous country clubs. You, however, may also find them relaxing at the Captain’s Cabin Lounge, Zizi Restaurant or the Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge. Many of these men are over the age of 65; if you are not concerned about their age, all you need to do is hang out at one of these locations and wait for a wealthy guy to engage you in conversation.

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