What’s The Secret to a Happy Marriage? You’re Gonna Love This Answer!

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Every year thousands of couples walk down the aisle envisioning long, happy lives together. Sadly, many of those marriages fall short. So what is the secret to getting from the big white dress to sitting on a front porch and holding hands while rocking away your golden years? Good communication, fighting fair, staying faithful and having a bathroom with two sinks so you don’t have to share are undoubtedly important. However, the real secret is a whole lot more fun. That’s right, it’s sex.

According to a new study from the Journal of Gerontology; Series B, couples reported that the more intimate they were with their spouse, the happier they felt about their marriage in general. Likewise, couples reported that the less sex they had with their spouse the less happy they felt in the relationship.

It makes sense on so many levels. Establishing a physical connection with your spouse makes both partners feel loved, wanted and special. Plus, when all the stress of life, like money troubles, hectic schedules and family demands, start to take over, sex is a great way to relieve the stress and refocus on your partner. Sex also releases mood-boosting endorphins in the body. In short, sex not only feels good, it also makes us feel good about the person we are with and the relationship.

On the other hand, when the physical connection isn’t there and intimacy is lacking, it’s easy to let doubt creep in. Husbands and wives both start wondering if they are still desirable, still wanted and still loved. And, sometimes they even start wondering if their spouse is still faithful. Letting the spark go out, may mean someone winds up bored and unhappy. Plus, missing out on sex means giving up on that outlet for stress. How many arguments that, on the surface, are about finances, working late and household duties could be avoided if everyone felt sexually satisfied?

So, now you now the secret to those sweet old couples that are always holding hands and smiling at each other after 50 years. They have been spending plenty of time in the bedroom. To up your odds of growing old together, start seducing your spouse and hitting the sheets. Relationship therapy just got a lot more fun.

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